The characters

Mr Alphie - my loving husband. Also an engineer, with his own cooking specialities - bread is his forte; bagels, pizza bases, pastry (puff & shortcrust), all things I am hopeless at!

Mr Navy - one of FH Alphie's closest friends. Another engineer, who, surprise surprise, is in the Navy, doing something to do with weapons electrical (don't quote me!)
Ms Red - my younger sister, a journalist now living in Tassie. A semi-veggo who shares my love for cooking, food & clothes.

Mum & Dad - my parents, living in rural Victoria, on a property not big enough for all their animals plus the vineyard. They were my source of home grown fruit & veggies, and lamb, unfortunately WA's strict quarantine rules mean I don't see much of it anymore.
SIL - Mr Alphies older sister, a graphic designer living in Perth. Who was generous enough to let me live with her and Mr SIL when I first arrived in Perth for work.

Mr SIL - SIL's partner, again, an engineer who also loves to cook. He and I used to share the cooking duties, and we've had our fair share of cook-offs along the way.

MIL & FIL - Mr Alphies parents, living in Orange (central west NSW). My (now occasional) source of fresh eggs, from happy, loved chickens!

Mr & Mrs Pink - Mr Alphie and I went to uni with Mr Pink (also an engineer...), he and Mrs Pink used to live nearby in the cozy suburb of Helensburgh in the northern Illawarra, and were regular dinner guests at our house (as we are at theirs).