Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lentil and spinach en croute

Tonights dinner was a bit of a last minute affair. We had originally planned to see a movie, and have dinner somewhere after or before. But, it turns out that one week before the school holidays is not a great time to see a movie - there is nothing on, bar all three Twilight movies, Toy Story 3, Shrek 3 (or is it 4?) and Sex in the City 2... None of which appealed.

So, just before I left work, I sent FH Alphie to the supermarket to pick up the last few ingredients I needed for this recipe. This caused a bit of drama, as our tiny local supermarket only had 'peppers' in jars and he wasn't sure if they were capsicums, or chillis.

One of the main reasons I had been meaning to try this dish was to try out the puff pastry we had in the freezer - lovingly made by FH Alphie (before the busted wing).

To be honest, it wasn't exactly what I had anticipated, although it definitely made more than the recipe suggested. I probably wouldn't bother to make it again - I can think of a few better uses for the precious puff pastry.

FH Alphie rated it 7/10

I'm not going to include the recipe today - I didn't really make any changes to the original, which is at the link below.

Lentil & spinach en croute
delicious magazine, March 2009, pg 102

Puff pastry
Bourke Street Bakery - The ultimate baking companion, pg 162-165

PS Does anyone know what these weird leaves are that are always in the baby spinach packs??

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