Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr and Mrs Alphie

Ok, so I know I said a while ago that I'd keep up the posting, but it slipped again.

That said, I have had a valid excuse I promise. FH Alphie has (finally) moved across the country, and we have moved into a little rental property in Perth.

And, for the big one, FH Alphie and I are now Mr and Mrs Alphie!

We were married on April 30, at Brown Brothers Epicurean Centre at Milawa, near where I grew up, and Mum and Dad still live.

We followed that up with two weeks driving and eating our way around Tassie, so there are a lot of restaurant reviews to come, I promise!

And, because I know everyone loves a good stickybeak at wedding photos, I have included some of my favourites...

Mr & Mrs Alphie

Me, with Ms Red in the background

The Bridal Party - a few blog characters in there...

Mr Alphie and his Mum, getting ready to walk down the aisle

Dad and I

The ceremony

The tables for the reception

Mr Alphie and I, at our 'sweetheart table'

Sorry for the small sizes, and strange borders - I had to do some dubious things to get them off the photog's website.... Which if you're interested, is www.beechworthphotographers.com.au



  1. LOVE the lego! What a gorgeous wedding

  2. Wow what a wonderful wedding! I especially like the lego on the table and the wine barrels in the background. Congratulations!