Sunday, July 8, 2012

Restaurant Amuse, Perth

On a rainy evening in late April, Mr Alphie and I were suiting up and looking our best in preparation for dinner at a restaurant frequently touted as one of Perth's (and Australia's) best - Restaurant Amuse. After a few (failed) attempts at getting a booking, we had decided to save it for a special occasion, and our first wedding anniversary seemed as fitting as any.

Our taxi arrived at an unassuming suburban house, the only giveaway that something more exciting was going on inside were the cars parked in every available space. I made a dash through the rain towards the front door, where we were met, and taken through a number of surprisingly large rooms to our seats.

Professionalism was evident from first contact. Mr Alphie booked nearly three months in advance, and even at that early stage he was queried on allergies and food preferences; information that was recorded and confirmed with the booking confirmation call one week before our booking, and again as we arrived.

Between us Mr Alphie and I have few small intolerances, that both of usually ignore when eating out, and just suffer the (minor) consequences later. However, we were very impressed with their attention to detail and concern for our dietary requirements. I can only imagine that they would just as graciously deal with more challenging allergies or intolerances.

All in all, it was a fantastic night out. The staff were fabulous, totally accommodating - such as when we asked for a 'break' between courses, to give us time to take it all in -  and more than happy to have a chat about a dish or ingredient when we were interested.

But, on to the photos!

 Welcome! Glass of bubbly & the menu


 Prawn, finger lime and tea seed oil
Anselmo Mendes, 2010 'Muron Antigos' Vinho Verde, Melgaco Portugal

  Marron, lemon verbena and arborio
Moo Brew, Hefeweizen, Moorilla Tasmania

Egg, hay and potato
Olssens, 2006 'Charcoal Joe' Chardonnay, Central Otago New Zealand

Scallop, shitake, cuttlefish
Best's, 2010 Young Vine Pinot Meunier, Great Western Victoria

Duck, roselle and chestnut
 Senorio del Aguila, 2002 Reserva, Carinena Spain

Lamb, samphire and khol rabi
Glenmore, 2005 'Pin Pin' Cabernet Sauvingnon, Margaret River Western Australia

Passionfruit, lime and lychee

Optional cheese course - for one!

Pear, walnut and lemon

Mandarin, basil and fig
Cortesio, 2011 Moscato d'Asti, Piemonte, Italy

Buttermilk, rum and raisin
AR Valdespino, 'El Canado' Pedro Ximinez, Jerez Spain

 Honeycomb, truffles and jubes

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