Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Macaron Mayhem, take 2

As promised, my new macaron cookbook got a workout this weekend. Mr FSIL and I had what was originally intended to be a MasterChef style macaron bake off... until someone reset the timer, and we realised we there wasn't really enough equipment for both of us to be going flat out at the same time.

I was allocated the Almond Praline Macarons, while Mr FSIL was given Gingerbread-Spiced Macarons. Both were basic macaron shells (coloured in his case) with flavoured chocolate ganache filling.

The piped shells - waiting for a crust to form

Out of the oven - they have 'feet'!

Almond caramel, before crushing

Matching the shells

They were definitely a vast improvement on my last attempt. The shells had a definite crunch, I got them to form a crust before baking and they had feet!!!

Unfortunately, it was deemed a tie. Although even Mr FSIL admitted that mine tasted better than his the next day -the filling in his now tastes a bit strange.

Mr FSIL's gingerbread-style macarons

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