Monday, September 6, 2010

Pizza oven curry fest

A few weeks before I moved in, FSIL and partner built a wood fired oven in their backyard. It's had a few outings as a pizza oven, and another run for bread and a lamb roast. I returned from Kalgoorlie on Friday to find out that a curry night, using the pizza oven, had been planned for Saturday.

After a tour of North Perth and surrounds chasing ingredients and equipment, we returned home, and FSIL's partner started cooking up a storm. We started with chicken skewers, kinda tandoori, kinda not (I think he just made it up on the fly...)

chicken skewers

Moving on to the main feature... the curry. FSIL's partner (I really need a psuedonym for him, this is getting ridiculous!) made a lamb rogan josh, palak paneer, and a fish curry (not sure what it was called....), and of course, naan. Because no curry-fest is complete without it.

lamb rogan josh and palak paneer


It was all delicious, and we're still eating the leftovers, but that's ok by me, curry is one of those things that improves with time. Hopefully I can snaffle some of the remaining fish curry before FSIL's partner takes it to work tomorrow!


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