Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yum Cha at Rhodes Phoenix

I was back in Sydney last weekend, and FH Alphie and I went 'adventuring'. Adventuring is FH Alphies word for any short-ish car trip where we make a number of stops at any place that takes our fancy.

On Saturday the plan was to adventure to IKEA, with a stop at DFO. We started at DFO, looking for a few new polos for FH Alphie - unfortunately not much luck there, but the Oroton outlet was having a 50% off everything sale, and I picked up a leather coin purse and full size umbrella for $55!

By the time we left DFO it was after 1pm, and we were getting hungry. I suggested Yum Cha at Rhodes Phoenix before the impending IKEA challenge. We pretty much just ordered our standard yum cha fare... pork buns, dumplings, dim sum & greens with oyster sauce (excuse my ignorance of the proper names...)

pork buns

These were a bit of a change - we usually get the steamed pork buns, but these were offered to us, so we thought we'd give them a try. FH Alphies verdict was a preference for the usual steamed buns, he didn't like the filling of these as much.

fried prawn dumplings

Again, these were a non standard order, but they were offered, and the mention of prawns was enough to convince us to try them. They were served with a little bowl of mayonnaise, and were full of prawn meat, but I don't think I'll ask for them again - I much prefer steamed dumplings.

greens with oyster sauce

Greens are a must whenever we have yum cha - I have been known to leave a yum cha session stuffed full, but disappointed because we couldn't flag down the woman with the greens trolley! Unfortunately, these were a bit cold by the time the trolley came past our table, but they still satisfied my craving.

pork dim sum

Another yum cha standard!

prawn & chive dumplings

Dumplings! These were FH Alphies favourite, and I thought they were pretty good too! The skins were firm but not too thick, and the filling was juicy and flavoursome.

prawn & snow pea dumplings

Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings! The prawn & snow pea dumplings were my favourite. The skin was a bit thicker than the prawn & chive dumplings, but the filling more than made up for that. The soft juicy prawn meat offset by the crunchy snow peas made these the winner for me.


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