Sunday, November 7, 2010

A slight deviation...

Firstly, apologies for the interruption to scheduled programming. But I'm just so excited and I had to share!

Ms Red left me her car while she's in Melbourne for a few weeks, so I decided to make use of my freedom and do some exploring of some of the parts of Perth I haven't seen much of. A quick google search for 'perth markets sunday' brought up two markets in Subiaco, about 3-4 blocks from each other, so I hopped in the car, and made my way over. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a red herring, the first, Subiaco Pavillion Markets, looked like it had been closed for a couple of years, and the other, Station St Markets, was mostly a fruit & veg market (with some great food stalls!).

So, I decided to take a wander around Subiaco, and one of the few places open was Good Sammys (translation for the non-WA readers: an op shop). It was one of the strangest op-shops I have been to. There was a pretty poor selection of 'normal clothes', but a massive selection of wedding and formal gowns! Inspired by Ms Reds fabulous op shopping abilities, I thought I'd have a decent look around, and see what I could uncover. In amongst a lot of stock standard year 10 formal dresses, I stumbled upon...

This fabulous Laura Ashley frock; black velvet bodice, with a full, two layer skirt. Unfortunately I popped a button while bending down to put my shoes on... oops! so a little bit of mending to do, but all up, a great find for $15.

And this 'Exclusives by Antulov Raphal' red number. I can describe it in no other way than Joan Holloway-esque. It's fab (and for $12.5o no less)! and I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it.

Lastly, I picked up a pair of khaki pants, as they seem to be in every magazine lately, and try as I might, I just don't fit into any I've seen on sale anywhere. I'm debating whether to turn these into shorts of some kind, but Ms Red thinks I should leave them as is...

Apologies again, and I promise a return to normal programming soon.


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