Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 Fat Indians, Mt Lawley

As I'm writing this, I'm watching the ABC special bulletin on cyclone Yasi...

FH Alphie was in Perth the for a few days a week or so ago, for a 'site visit' (read: job interview) for a position here in WA - yay! Fingers crossed he'll get an offer, and we won't be living on opposite sides of the country any more!

While he was here we had dinner with FSIL and Mr FSIL (who I unfortunately don't live with any more) at 2 Fat Indians in Mt Lawley. It was a Friday night, and Mr FSIL had already had a few beers by the time we got there, which made for some very interesting dinner conversations!

Against our better judgement, and despite protestations from FSIL, we decided to order 4 mains to share, plus 2 entrees, and didn't even come close to finishing everything.

Onion bhajhis - $15

Vegetarian samosas - $15

We started with the onion bhajhis, and vegetarian samosas. The onion bhajhis were a great contrast between soft and crunchy, and would be great as a bar snack with beer or three. The samosa's unfortunately came as a three (why do they do that? who dines in threes), but were huuugee! The pastry (?) was crisp, and the potato filling was spicy and full of flavour.

Dal makhni - $15

FSIL requested the dal makhni, as she'd been hanging out for it all week, and the boys requested a vindaloo. Aloo ghobi and chicken tikka masala rounded out the four. The dal makhni was a creamy, tomato-ey lentil curry, with a hint of chilli, voted a good choice by all. Unfortunately I forgot to get a photo of the lamb vindaloo ($21), it was too hot for me - although not as hot as I expected - but the boys made light work of it, both going back for seconds.

Aloo Ghobi - $18

Aloo ghobi is one of may favourite Indian dishes (possibly because it combines two of my favourite vegetables - potato and cauliflower), and this version was no exception. Hotter than most, this aloo was deliciously creamy with plenty of sauce.

Chicken tikka masala - $22.5

I loved the almost-lurid red colour of this tikka masala. The chicken was soft and tender, in a moderately spicy tomato-ey sauce.This was my second favourite dish (after the aloo ghobi), hot enough to make me feel like I'm really having Indian, but no so hot as to burn my tastebuds off!

naan - $3.5, plain paratha - $3

An Indian meal would not be complete without a side of naan or paratha, so we had one of each! Both were delicious, although the naan was my favourite - so light, with just a hint of chewy-ness.

My thoughts are with everyone in the cyclone target area, I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) for all of you.


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