Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sonoma Bakery Cafe, Paddington

Breakfast at Sonoma in Paddington is a Wednesday ritual for me. My chiropractor is just across the road (yes, I see a chiropractor weekly), and given how early I have to get up to get there, I don't have breakfast before I leave. So after seeing the chiro, I stumble across five-ways, in the cold, and lately, in the rain, in to the welcoming hole in the wall that is Sonoma Bakery Cafe. There are only 7 or 8 tables (for two) inside, which, added to the friendly, chatty nature of the staff, makes it feel like you are having breakfast at a friends house (a well stocked, barista trained friend, but you get the idea).

Toast with tomato & ricotta ($4+$2+$2)

I almost always order the same thing; toast with tomato and ricotta, with a skim flat white. If I'm feeling particularly hungry, I replace the tomato and ricotta with two boiled eggs.

Toast with boiled egg ($4+$3)

Other toast options (all mix & match) include avocado, cured meats, Danish (?) fetta and jams. There are also a few museli/porridge variants, served with rhubarb and yoghurt (I tried them a while ago - these are delish), some breakfast rolls (I have had one of these too - also fab) and a selection of muffins and pastries.

If you are ever in the area, it is definitely worth a stop in, even if only for the coffee. And if it happens to be a Wednesday morning - I might just see you there!


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