Monday, August 2, 2010

The Burger Bistro, Perth

The end of my first week (well, half-week) in Perth arrived, and my WA-dwelling sister was driving to Perth to collect me for the weekend. Once she had navigated the one way streets of Perth's CBD and found a park, I convinced her to stop for dinner before we started the drive back to Bunbury. Burger Bistro is about 2 blocks from the hotel I am currently staying in, and I had a read about it on Vogue Forums. The idea being that burgers (albeit, gourmet burgers) would be a quick dinner before the return drive.

Belle of the ball

I went with the belle of the ball, a beef burger with field mushrooms and tomato relish, simply because it had mushrooms (I looooove mushrooms). While my sister, let's call her Ms Red, had the chickpea chow down, a chickpea, zucchini and carrot patty with sour cream, because, well, she always gets a chickpea burger.

Chickpea chow down

The burgers were huge! I decided to cut mine in half so I could get a better go at it, and it backfired, I ended up with mushroom juice and relish dribbling down my arms. So while delicious, the burgers are quite hard to eat. Ms Red did the same, and while she didn't have the same issue as me, the chickpea patty was quite squashed by the time she'd finished cutting it. And, (call the doctor!) she was unable to eat all her chips as she was too full, so I had to finish them for her...

There was a huge selection of burgers, each falling under one of three categories; chicken, beef or 'other', which includes the vegetarian options (there was also a lamb and a chorizo option when we were there). There were also the obligatory sides; chips, and two salads. All burgers come on a sourdough bun, although they can be ordered 'no-carb', to be served as a salad.

That concludes my first WA post, and there are more on the way (I have a bit of a backlog at the moment).


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