Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cafe One Forty, Bunbury

Whew! I have been I bad blogger of late!

Admittedly I have been busy(ish) - I moved in with FH Alphie's (older) sister in Perth, than about 2 days later I was whisked to Melbourne for work for 3 days, then a weekend in Sydney before flying back to Perth and work on Monday. It's taken a few days to settle in to the routine that FSIL and her partner have going on, cooking-wise, but I've finally found my groove again but I am back in the kitchen with a vengeance.

Before I get into that, I have just spent the weekend in Bunbury with my parents and sister (Ms Red), where amongst other things, we had a lazy Sunday brunch before my parents had to drive to Perth to catch a flight back the east coast. Under Ms Red's guidance, we went to 'the only cafe in Bunbury with decent coffee', Cafe One Forty.

After perusing the menu, we sent Dad off to the counter, list in hand, to place our order. Clearly, he doesn't read this blog, because minutes later, four large coffees arrived at our table!

Mums (or are they Dads?) poached eggs with doorstopper toast and tomatoes

Mum and Dad ordered the same thing, poached eggs, but given that they have just celebrated their 32nd (I hope I got that right) wedding anniversary, I guess I can forgive them!

Ms Reds poached eggs, with with doorstopper toast and tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms

Ms Red also had poached eggs but added mushrooms and spinach.

Scrambled eggs, with with doorstopper toast and tomatoes, and premium bacon

I bucked the trend and went with scrambled eggs, and bacon.

I hope to keep up with the posting, so you should hear from me again soon!


(Cafe One Forty, 140 Victoria St, Bunbury, ph: (08) 9721 2254)

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