Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No. 44 King St, Perth

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts of late. FH Alphie's family have been in Perth, so between family dinners at FSIL's and strange concotions cooked up in my tiny hotel kitchen, there hasn't been alot to blog about. FH Alphie's family has returned to the east coast (except those that live here of course!), and he is now in Perth for a week, so I'm hoping the blogging opportunities present themselves a bit more often now.

Since I am working, and FH Alphie is on holiday, we went out to breakfast this morning before I went off to work. I have been searching the streets of Perth for a decent coffee (more on that later), and have walked past No. 44 King St a couple of times while searching out a particular recommendation.
When FH Alphie suggested we go out for breakfast, it was the first place that came to mind. Every time I have walked past it has been full with young professionals catching up, or maybe conducting business, over coffee or breakfast.

We started with coffee, because FH Alphie couldn't decide on breakfast. The coffee only comes in one size, however it was about the size I felt like (FH Alphie would have preferred a larger one). The milk was 'well frothed' (FH Alphie's comment - can you tell he worked at a cafe throughout uni?), and the coffee was smooth and strong. However, it was just a bit too milky - FH Alphie was glad he didn't have a larger coffee, because he didn't think he'd be able to finish all that milk.

Smoked Salmon, poached egg & hollandaise sauce on a pesto potato cake

Once we ordered, we ended up getting almost the same thing! I went with the Eggs Florentine, and FH Alphie had the Smoked Salmon with a poached egg & hollandaise. FH Alphie thought that the pesto potato cake, while tasty, was a bit too soft for its purpose, and he kept loosing bits off his fork.

Eggs Florentine

I found the hollandaise a bit vinegary, and If I'm to be really picky, a bit too thin, although FH Alphie said he preferred the hollandaise like that. Otherwise, the Eggs Florentine were fab. The eggs were perfectly cooked, served on two generous slices of house made bread, and more than enough spinach.

The good food & good coffee, combined with the fact they have hard-to-find east-coast newspapers The Age and SMH (albeit a day old) for customers to read, means I'll probably be back, and I might even become a regular!

Off to dinner with FH Alphie, FSIL & her friends tonight, before Florence and the Machine!


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