Monday, August 16, 2010

Phi Yen, Perth

Friday was FH Alphie's last full day in Perth, so I took an extended lunch break, and we meet for lunch in the enex100 food court. I had eaten at Phi Yen earlier in the week when my search for avocado-free sushi had proved fruitless (ha! no pun intended!). I tried the Bun Bo Hue the first time around, and vowed to return to try the beef pho.

Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls with chicken, prawns & vegetables)

We ordered at the counter, and received our rice paper rolls and a pub-style buzzer for the rest. We found a seat in the licensed area of the food court, adjacent to Phi Yen and tucked in to the rice paper rolls while waiting for the buzzer to go off.

Pho Tai (beef noodle soup)

The beef pho, a dish that I could eat every day and never get sick of, was ready first so I collected my tray from the counter, filling a few small containers with condiments while I was there (sliced chilli, lemon wedges and fish, soy, chilli and hoi sin sauces were on offer). A generous amount of sliced beef was layered on top of the rice noodles, topped with mint, coriander and sliced onion. The broth was quite meaty, more so than most others I have tried before, and very satisfying.

Bun Bo Cao Ca Ot (rice vermicelli with lemongrass chilli beef and salad)

If beef pho is my test of a Vietnamese restaurant, then vermicelli salad (either beef or the special/combo) is FH Alphie's test. He said it was not the best vermicelli salad he's had, but it was still tasty, with a high beef to salad ratio.


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