Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greenhouse, Perth

FH Alphie and I went out to breakfast again on Thursday (I know! two school days in one week!). I had already been to Greenhouse for coffee, and was intrigued by the concept and thought it would be a great place for breakfast while I'm still staying in the CBD.

The building is made from recycled, raw and sustainable materials wherever possible, and similar concepts are applied to the food. A rooftop garden supplies produce to the kitchen; bread is baked, and yoghurt is made, on site; and a worm farm provides fertiliser for the rooftop garden. (check out the website for more details -

baked chorizo, piquillo pepper, beans & egg

As always, we started with coffee while we decided what to have for breakfast. FH Alphie is sold on anything that is served with chorizo, so naturally, he went with the baked chorizo & egg. Which surprisingly came with a poached, not baked, egg, but FH Alphie quite enjoyed it anyway.

toasted muesli, strawberries, passionfruit & yoghurt

After the huge, egg and butter laden breakfast I had at No. 44 King St on Tuesday, I went for a more virtuous option this time - toasted muesli with house made yoghurt. While the muesli was tasty, and the yoghurt was delish, it really made me realise that I don't actually like toasted muesli. It's just so crunchy, and requires too much chewing!

All in all it was a great venue, with good food, and I'm pretty keen to head back for lunch or drinks & 'evening eats'.


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